2023 Grand Marshals – Rock 4 Tots


From Left to Right: Howie Hurula, Jimmy Klapp, Margie Anders, Screamin' Scott Randall, "Loco" Joe Evangelista, and Joe Magolan

Rock 4 Tots was started by Margie Anders based on her childhood experience with the Goodfellows bringing Christmas gifts to their door. As a child, she had no idea that Santa brought toys to all children, and that he only selected certain children. Growing up, her grandmother and mother always crocheted dresses for the dolls that Santa provided to other children in need through the Goodfellows.

Years later, she would get back together as Jimmy Klapp, who at that time was the owner of The Dawghouse on Groesbeck. Jimmy wanted to host a toy drive at his bar to collect toys for the Goodfellows, while Margie had an idea to bring the bring the music industry together to help the children in the community, like the end of the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey came home. The two of them reached out to Screamin’ Scott and together, the first Rock-4-Tots event was put together in two weeks time.

The event was such a hit, that people in the community just wanted to help, especially Loco Joe, who was a performer for the 1st annual, who jumped on board and elevated our event. From there we formed a committee and formalized the event and worked with Bob Turner, the Clinton Township Goodfellows President at that time, to ensure the proceeds would benefit the children of Clinton Township. Over the years, some of our volunteers and committee members would visit the warehouse and help package the toys. Over the years, the event has moved around here and there based on Jimmy's ownership of the bars, but eventually landed at Freddy's, which so far has been the perfect fit.

Rock-4-Tots collects new unwrapped toys, gift cards, and accepts cash donations. Throughout the event there are 50/50 raffles, and an array of raffle items to choose from including a R4T exclusive rock box filled with swag from the R4T performers. Local musicians entertain generous donors with 20-minute sets throughout the event, which also includes a holiday jingle.

This year’s Rock-4-Tots event is scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd at Freddy’s Bar on Garfield. More information can be found using the QR link below.


Toys Collected During the 2022 Rock 4 Tots Event along with $26,000 in donations to benefit the Clinton Township Goodfellows.